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Here you can see the best wedding albums in the wedding industry
for professional photographers and eventually for our clients.

Wall Art Collection

Acrylic Pro

The highest level of exclusivity thanks to innovations such as print on colored mattes, combination of different papers in the same book and selective raised varnishing, selective coating with custom effects, and printing on art mattes and other media allows you to obtain a product unlike anything before.


The selective coating perfectly describes an extremely refined editorial process, which effects look simply unique on the prints. The texture of the material and the opacity of the art mattes contribute to amplify the scenic effect of the selective coating and bring the viewer into a third dimension, which returns peaks of light and unbelievable glares on the enhanced parts.

Two finishes, one result: Excellence.

Whether you prefer the play of light and reflection of a perfectly shiny surface or the purity of an anti-glare protected image, Acrylic Pro will make the most of your images.

Perfect mounting for a one-of-kind design

With its clean and elegant lines, Acrylic Pro is the combination of top quality materials and state-of-the-art inkjet printing. The mounting, perfect in every part, gives this product a premium look, worthy of a professional photographer.

The finest design ever for an art gallery experience

Whether you choose the enhancing power of the acrylic or the warmth of the canvas, your images will be perfectly produced. The exclusive mounting system of the panel, on a monoblock wooden frame, gives our wall art unparalleled stability and structure. The elegance of finely crafted furniture, combined with the highest print quality in the world, will transform your clientís space into an authentic art gallery displaying their most precious memories!

Completely finished for pure beauty from every angle

You can identify a professional by their attention to detail. With a brand new clean design, with no visible mounting elements, our wall art makes photography enjoyable as never before. The meticulous precision to detail ensures the wow effect. Anything else on your clients walls will pale in comparison!!

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Accurate and easy to hang

Thanks to the special 3D molded polymer component, hanging your wall art has never been easier! For the first time, you can look at a product and find it irresistible in every aspect. The incredible finish to the back panel compliments the total quality that more and more professionals find essential today.

Two thicknesses allow your masterpiece to stand out!

Available in two thicknesses, 1.2 and 2.3 inch., the standout provides solidity and visual consistency without encumbering the overall weight of the panel.

Canvas Pro

An Unprecedented Artistic Result

The professional choice for wall art. Vibrant colors on cotton canvas for an artistic feel, mounted with millimetric precision and sharp wrap corners. A superior quality canvas, mounted on a planar element that will never collapse, or allow the canvas to loosen and bulge like other panels available on the market. The back panel, available in different colors, is obtained from a rigid monoblock, perfect in every aspect, including the edges and angles with precision to the millimeter. No need to hide the back panel. There are no staples or unsightly mounting. All around perfection!

A thin canvas, soft to the touch without stretch or bounce  a work of art.

The most noble and classic form of artistic printing finds a new look thanks to the Canvas Pro. The warmth of the cotton fabric, the deep saturated colors, the textile texture that charms at first touch, are all assembled to perfection on a non-deformable planar element. Soft but doesnít stretch like other products currently on the market. Design and tradition unite to amaze you.


Italian DMA Luxury Album

Italian Young Book Luxury Video

Youngbook Crystal Glance
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Italian Square

Italian Big

Italian Metal Horizontal

Italian YoungBook

Portugal Album

Multiple colors and textures to choose

Crystal Album

8 colors for spine and back

Colors & Materials

All these materials and colors (Below) applies to all Graphistudio albums. Wood, Cork and Wood Fiber are exclusive for Italian Luxury and Young Book Luxury Video.