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El San Juan Hotel Advertising/Commercial Photography

Estas son una muestra de las fotos publicitarias/comerciales que realizamos para El San Juan Hotel en Isla Verde, Puerto Rico.  Fueron tres días de intenso trabajo y agradezco a Olga, Noel y Raymond por su trabajo y aliviar mi carga.  También agradecemos a la alta gerencia del hotel por depositar su confianza en nuestro equipo de trabajo y en pro de este majestuoso hotel.


257-El San Juan257-El San Juan

309-El San Juan309-El San Juan

270-El San Juan270-El San Juan

087-El San Juan087-El San Juan

263-El San Juan263-El San Juan

285-El San Juan285-El San Juan

406-El San Juan406-El San Juan

299-El San Juan299-El San Juan

293-El San Juan293-El San Juan

415-El San Juan415-El San Juan

433-El San Juan433-El San Juan

050-El San Juan050-El San Juan

053-El San Juan053-El San Juan

107-El San Juan107-El San Juan

118-El San Juan118-El San Juan

The chandelier is Unique! Since the 17th Century, Czech rock monogrammed crystal chandeliers have been the highest sign of good taste, wealth and nobility and they became as prestigious as expensive jewelry. Just like our Majestic El San Juan Lobby does, the glitter of Czech crystal chandeliers enhances the brilliance of castles and palaces; it illuminates parliaments, governmental residences, universities, concert halls, cathedrals and sanctums across the globe. For instance, Czech crystal chandeliers hang in Milan’s La Scala, Rome’s Royal Opera, in Versailles, in the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg and in the residence of King Ibn Saud in Riyadh. El San Juan Hotel Iconic Czech Chandelier was commissioned in mid-1950’s, was placed strategically as the main focal point of the award winning Royal Palm Court lobby since 1959 and is still today the third in size of her kind, in the World!
Last time she was properly cleaned and restored was in 1985. It took a local PR team one month to get her ready to shine again. This unique piece has 185 lightbulbs, 7,000 pieces and weighs over 4,000 pounds.

114-El San Juan114-El San Juan

139-El San Juan139-El San Juan

145-El San Juan145-El San Juan

159-El San Juan159-El San Juan

165-El San Juan165-El San Juan

Concierge desk

172-El San Juan172-El San Juan

Corporate rooms

213-El San Juan213-El San Juan

242-El San Juan242-El San Juan

360-El San Juan360-El San Juan

007-El San Juan007-El San Juan

El San Juan Hotel seats in fashionable Isla Verde Beach. But, do you know that this was not the name of the area when the hotel was originally built? The land and the entire stretch of beach is part of “Sector o Barrio Boca de Cangrejo” (Crab Claw County). Before there was nothing built in that area, locals preferred the beach because is the only one in the Metro Area with shallow waters and no dangerous undercurrents due to the natural coral reef that protects the bay from one extreme to the other, being the tip of that barrier a higher coral formation where bushes grow and for decades had one solitaire Coconut Palm Tree. It looked like a cast away island. Locals used that little green island as the point of reference when telling others where they were going to spend a day at our beach, they use say: “Vamos para la playa de la Islita Verde” (“Let’s go to the Beach of the little Green Island”). When Louis Puro bought the Hotel he decided to start using “Isla Verde” as the new touristic and more commercial name.

032-El San Juan032-El San Juan

009-El San Juan009-El San Juan

Photography/post-production: Javier Olivero
Assistants: Noel Vélez, Raymond Segui & Olga Martínez

Production Coordinator: Olga Martínez

Location: El San Juan Hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton

Many thanks to José Rafael Sánchez, Associate Director of Sales & Marketing for the assistance and info provided. 

787-791-1000 ext. 5002 www.elsanjuanhotel.com

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